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Blog Series Q&A: Anista Designs

Posted by: Becky De Oliveira 5 years, 8 months ago


Hello, friends!

Welcome to my new blog series! I wanted to highlight some popular topics we, as wedding Vendors are asked by clients and cover a few different areas of expertise. So, for this I had to call in the big shots. Please stay tuned for more fun friends and FAQ's with some of Toronto's most awesome people. And, Please please PLEASE check out my talented friend's websites and blogs, and hit 'em up on their social media contacts and give them some warm and fuzzy love. 

The first Vendor I have chatted with is Christa from Anista Designs. (*all photos via Anista Designs website)

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Anista Designs creates stunning modern paper goods with a vintage inspired twist. These cats are passionate about paper, and you can see it all over their impeccable work! Plus, they are just super cool and I love their mantra of treating each client as a close friend. 'Cause who doesn’t want more friends in their life?!

Q:: When would you suggest couples meet with you to work on the concept for the paper goods for their wedding?

 We typically suggest couples to meet with us when they have all of their ideas/information confirmed.  The sooner they can plan and confirm their design, the more efficient the creative process becomes.  Ideally 6 months prior to their event saves a lot of stress on the couple and avoids potential rush fee situations. 


 Q:: What are 3 tips on choosing a concept and ideas and how to share those ideas with you? Do you prefer imagery for ideas as a jump off point?


  1. Make sure the style you choose is representative of you as a couple
  2. Choose a style that represents the venue/location you have selected – prepares the guests’ expectations
  3. Research – be aware of the process and the budget required for the style you are after

 Meeting them in person (or at very least, an email conversation) with details of their vision allows us to get a strong sense of their interests.  We try to listen to what they like about different aspects of a variety of invitations that we carry, that way we have an idea of a vision that may work for them.  If we are customizing a completely new design for a client, Pinterest boards are helpful. If they have a motif or image in mind, it helps if they send a few examples of images (ie.  “floral” may be too vague – send over specific flowers of interest as well as the illustration style of the image, that way we can get an idea of what you like. )

 Q:: What are some of the trends you noticed for 2013 for paper goods, and do you have any forecasts on popular concepts for next year?

 Designs seem to be driven by typography, ornate flourishes and colour schemes.  Rustic and delicate colour tones seemed to be popular for 2013 and I think we are going to see a lot more deep and rich colour tones for 2014.   I think golds and silvers will make an even stronger appearance in invitations too, for those with the luxurious approach to their day. 

 Q:: What is the proper time frame for invitations to be sent out to guests? Do you recommend sending out a Save the Date to help to keep the guest list numbers accurate? 

We usually recommend 3-4 months before their wedding date (longer if it is a destination) especially if it is in the summer or on a long weekend.  You ultimately want to give your guests plenty of notice.  Save the Dates are a great way of giving people advanced notice.  It is a quick way to inform people it is coming up and they can be sent out far enough in advance to allow you to collect additional details for your main invitation. (ie. Location, start times, reception venue etc)


Q:: What is your favorite colour palette and font type or style? Any other favorite ideas you’d like to share with us?

My favourite colours to work with are the antique whites, blush tones, and although we haven’t created a lot of designs with it, I do love the classic look of grey.  I love couples who are willing to experiment and those who like the textural elements to their designs.  Embossed and golds have been another one of my favourites this past season.  Elegant and swirly fonts are always fun to work with – they add so much expression to a design.  We have some interesting ideas in mind for the 2014 season – looking forward to launching them to show off what we have been up to!

***Many many thanks to Christa and Anista Designs for part taking in my lil' Blog Series! You have amazing talent, and for overall being wonderful!



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